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The deer bellow

Autumn in Val di Rabi is a vortex, a palette, a magic...of colors.

Air is crisp, and the wooods are full of thouosand shades, excluding a natural atmosphere of calm and peace. The beginning of the season is suitable fotr the collection of mushrooms, while the event of "Desmalghjada" celebrates the homecoming of cattle from the summer gazing.

Autum is also the right season if you want to camouflage in nature and wait for the peculiar deer mating ritual; ungulates with crepuscular habits can be observed in the clearings at the edge of the wood. From late September to mid-October, during a high-altitude walk, it is possible to hear the bellow of deer gathering females around  themselves. During this season, males emit sounds that are similar to hoarse moos and allow them to relate to each other. Theri goal is to control a group of femles, while defending them from any contenders.

The deer mating season is a must: in Val di Rabbi, in particular in the protected area of the Park, animals enjoy peace and confidence towards men. From dusk to dawn, and in the least distributed ares during the day, the charming 'vocal duel' between males fills the wood with incredible sounds: an event that arouses wonder and amazement in those who are lucky to take part.

The Stelvio National Park arranges trips to see the deer in love and hear thei bellow in the colorful autumnal nature.


The deer bellow

Autumn in Val di Rabi is a vortex, a palette, a magic...of colors. Air is crisp, and the wooods are...

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