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We talk Rabiès

In Val di Rabbi, in addition to Italian, we speak dialect, "Rabies", which was recently added to a project, so not lost a precious cultural heritage.

"Parlan e Scriven en Rabies" (speak and write in Rabies) is the title of this project which aims to collect more possible words: those still in use and those that are now little used, a vocabulary to write and speak Italian - Rabies and Rabies - Italian.


    RABBI EXPLORE.....VIVI LA TUA AVVENTURA!   Venendoci a trovare a San Bernardo, puoi:   Ped...

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Valorz Valley

The magnificent amphitheater of Valle di Valorz is opposite the village of San Bernardo, the capital...

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Via delle Malghe

VIA DELLE MALGHE   Oltre 100 km di sentieri da fare in più tappe, attrezzati con segnaletica dedic...

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Eventi e manifestazioni

ESTATE 2017 ELENCO MANIFESTAZIONI MAGGIO: 19-20-21 : sagra di Piazzola 27-28: Sagra di P...

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Water path and tibetan bridge

Water in all of its forms is the dominant element of the entire valley, a valuable asset that has be...

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Attività settimanali

3ATTIVITA' SETTIMANALI in VAL DI RABBI   ESTATE 2017   Scarica l'opuscolo: clicc...

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