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Playing and learning

In the locality Coler, at the foot of the famous Falls Saent, there is the Playground Gioco del Parco: a little big trip to explore the Stelvio National Park.

It was built just for introducing children to the concept of conservation of land andrespect for nature with which man lives every day. The main target therefore is sensitize children to the different themes of the park and more generally to the natural environment, as a first step towards a direct experience in nature.

The game itself is a combination of role playing and game path. The players, after having been allotted their roles, start their journey to discover each station that has a particular theme.

Each theme is illustrated in a simple way through cards and comics and can be experienced through physical and emotional experiences.

The 12 stations are: 1. The Great, 2. The territory, 3. The man, 4. The eagle, 5. The deer, 6. The marmot, 7. The Stone 8. The water, 9. The landslide, 10. The refuge, 11. The fragrances, 12. Now go alone. The roles that can be drawn and which give rise to 4 different locations, and at 4 different points of view are: deer, eagles, marmot and men.

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