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Nature, Thermae and Tradition

On the green carpet that covers the slopes and the valley floor, sometimes flat, sometimes steep, on which almost everywhere still see the low walls, result of a long, patient and careful work and built to withstand the clods of earth that were intended to fields for sowing, are still recognizable the typical val di Rabbi’s construction, valuable examples of spontaneous peasant architecture.

The rural landscape of Val di Rabbi is characterized by these typical wooden buildings that stretch from valley to the edge of the woods. The highest part of these structures is made ??of wood and was used as a barn. The lower part is in stone: once there was the stable and now many local farmers still keep their cattle in most months of the year.

A wide road that runs along the side of Rabbies, crystal clear, vivid and full of fish goes up the Val di Rabbi. In an environment of extraordinary beauty, creep the various fractions, groups of houses inhabited by local residents: “Rabiesi”, private people and workers. The main street runs for just over ten kilometers at an altitude from 855 m to the historic hamlet of Pracorno, the first country in the valley, 1,098 m to reach the capital of San. Bernardo, then reach the 1,240 m of Rabbi Fonti where is the thermae and the Visitors Centre of the Stelvio National Park and finally, still higher, at 1,314m, master Piazzola, a small town dotted with many tiny clusters of houses perched on steep slopes and meadows, but sunny.

The valley is surrounded by various other valleys: Val Cercen, Val Saent, Val Saleci, Val  Zambuga, Val Soprassasso that gently rise up until getting to the mountain passes from which you can achieve, for example, Val di Sole, Val di Pejo, Val Martello (BZ), Val d'Ultimo (BZ) and the Val di Bresimo.

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Eventi e manifestazioni

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